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The art of Papercutting 


I’ve been meaning to try out papercutting for a while now yet sadly, plain old cutters won’t do the trick to make cute precise cuts. Good news is, because of an art project, I’ve come to find out that my dad has an exacto knife. With a quite rusty blade. With this, I just thought of any excuse to get refills so I can use it. I know, it’s a bit rough around the edges. But I’m quite proud of my handiwork, quite delighted with the fact that my clumsy ways didn’t interfere with the making of this. although of course, I’d need a little help with getting started on my papercut. Thanks to this siteI got this done. Here are a few additional tips:

Aaaaaaannnd that’s about it. Have fun and make sure you have all your fingers intact after trying this out! :)

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